Does size make a difference in Gutters?

This bungalow home showcases our 6″ gutters and 3×4 downspouts. The 6″ gutters are more pleasing to the eye because they cover most of the gutter board.

Does size make a difference in Gutters?   Yes absolutely and we have the tools to provide exactly what you need for your project. Gutter size makes a difference in how water is removed from your roof.


Most companies only offer 5″ gutters because they do not have a 6″ rolling machine. A 6″ gutter will hold twice as much water as a 5″ gutter. 6″ gutters can be used on commercial as well as residential applications.

Custom metal bending performed onsite.

Overflowing Gutters?

A 6" gutter in conjunction with a 3x4 downspout will move twice as much water in the same amount of time as a 5" gutter with a 2x3 downspout. Installing a 6" gutter system will normally solve any overflowing problems experienced on homes with 5" gutters.

With the increased size the 6″ gutters are easier to clean. The 6″gutters have a thickness of .032 compared to .027 thickness on the 5″ gutter.

Seamless Gutters 5″ and 6″
We have a variety of colors to match your home. Plus we install Leaf Louver “The Gold Standard in Gutter Protection”. We use American made Hangtite hidden hangers that are tested to over 250 pull pounds before breaking loose.

Soffit and Fascia repairs and installs
These area are vulnerable to water damage and rot. Leaking gutters, signs of water damage on interior walls and frost in the attic are signs you have problems in these areas

Phone Estimates
These can help maximize planning and be a very effective use of time in everyone’s busy schedule.

Preplanning with this information will provide and accurate estimate;

  • Measurement or length of gutters needed
  • Number of downspouts
  • Number of elbows
  • Number of Miters (factory made corners)
  • Number of Valley shields (found on inside of Miter to deflect water back into gutter)

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